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Get outer html of html element using Jquery

<div class='block'> <p class='paragraph'> This is the text inside the second element </p> </div> for an example if we consider above code block and write a code like below var htmlString = $("#paragraph").html(); then htmString can have a value “This is the text inside the second element” only...
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Javascript setTimeout() Function with Examples

setTimeout() Function setTimeout() is a native JavaScript function. Which is allow us to call a specific JavaScript function or piece of code at specified interval or delay (on milliseconds). It might be useful when you want to display a message or a popup after user has browse the...
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Creating and submitting a form using javascript

In this article I will show you how to create a form dynamically using JavaScript and submit it. JavaScript provides a way to create a DOM element easily using createElement method. see the below code snippet for creating a form element using same method you can create other...
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